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Agents and Affiliates

Dahabshil’s head office is located in Columbus, Ohio, but operates in the U.S through local managers, or Agents. Each Agent has a contract with Dahabshil to use its name and receive remittance from individuals who wish to send money to their families. The agents are required to comply with all applicable money laundering laws and regulations.


Corporate Head Office
Agent/ Contact person: Isak Ahmed, Abdirahim Warsame, Yasin Abdullah, Hassan Mohamoud, or Abdi Raho
Phone: 614 - 527-9300 /9303 or 614 - 4285613 Fax: 614 - 527 - 9307
Mailing Address: 240 Bradenton Avenue, Dublin, OH 43017
Email Address: dahabline@aol.com

agentAmarillo, TX
Agent/ Contact person: Ismail Hassan
Phone: 806-291-7155 Fax: 806-291-7155
Mailing Address: 5631 AMARILLO AVE, Amarillo, TX 79107

Atlanta, GA
Agent/ Contact person: Mohamed S. Abasheikh
Phone: 404-296-8448 Fax: 404-296-2654
Mailing Address: 428 North Indian Creek Drive Suite #A Clarkston, GA 30021

dotBoston, MA License Number: FT3198
Agent/ Contact person: Abdillahi Abdirahman
Phone: 617-442-0080 Fax: 617-442-9623
Mailing Address: 1420 TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MA 02120

Columbus, OH - Morse RD
Agent/ Contact person: Abdulkadir Hussein
Phone: 614-428-6030 Fax: 614-428-6032
Mailing Address: 2273 Morse Rd Columbus, OH 43229

Columbus, OH - Banadir Mall
Agent/ Contact person: Abdulkadir Hussein/ Abdullahi Hassan
Phone: 614-454 3016 Fax: 614-454 3016
Mailing Address: 3254 Cleveland Ave Columbus OH 43224

Columbus, OH - Aaran Mall
Agent/ Contact person: Abdulkadir Hussein/ Mohamed Hassan
Phone:(614)-476-2912 Fax: 614-428 6032
Mailing Address: 2020 Morse Rd Columbus OH 43229

Columbus, OH - West Branch
Agent/ Contact person: Yasin Abdullah
Phone: 614-279-8082 Fax: 614-279-8082
Mailing Address: 3439 Sullivant Ave Columbus, OH 43228

Chicago, IL
Agent/ Contact person: Bashir Hersi
Phone: 773-561-5699 Fax: 773-561-6610
Mailing Address: 5957 North Broad Way Chicago, IL 60660

dotDallas, TX
Agent/ Contact person: Abdulasis Salah
Phone: 214-4412601 Fax: 214-4412601
Mailing Address: 3901 W NorthGate Drive Irving, Dallas, TX 75062

Arlington, TX
Agent/ Contact person: Abdulasis Salah
Phone: (817)-303-5022
Mailing Address: 701 E. Pioneer Pkwy Arlington, TX 76010

dotFalls Church, VA
Agent/Contact person: Faduma Mohamoud
Phone: 703-3795550 Fax:703-3793942
Mailing Address: 5983 Columbia pike Suite # 100, Falls Church, VA 22041

dotFalls Church, VA
Agent/Contact person: Faduma Mohamoud/ Ayan Dirie
Phone: 703-349-2357 Fax:703-3793942
Mailing Address: 3536 Carling Spring Rd Suite#9 N, Falls Church, VA 22041

dotHouston, TX
Agent/ Contact person: Roda Mizan
Phone: 713-779-3532 Fax: 713-779-3532
Mailing Address: 6121 HILLCROFT ST SUITE# C, Houston, TX 77081

dotKansas City, MO
Agent/ Contact person: Ali Awo
Phone: 816-231-3790 Fax: 816-842-0700
Mailing Address: 2321 Independence Ave. Kansas City, MO 64124

Nashville, TN
Agent/ Contact person: Ibrahim M. Farah
Phone: 615-361-5369 Fax: 615-360-0866
Mailing Address: 1130 Murfreesbro Rd Suite C Nashville, TN 37217

Shelbyville, TN
Agent/ Contact person: Ibrahim M. Farah /Mohamed Ibrahim
Phone: 615-804-5184 Fax: 615-360-0866
Mailing Address: 408 Regent Drive Shelbyville TN 37160

Noel, MO

Agent/ Contact person: Mohamed Sharif-Ahmed
Phone: 417-475-4811 Fax: 417-475-4811
Mailing Address: 312 Main St Noel, MO 64854

Portland, OR
Agent/ Contact person: Hussien A. Gude
Phone: 503-892-1311 Fax: 503-244-7842
Mailing Address: 9121 SW Barbur BLVD Portland, OR 97219

Seattle, WA
Agent/ Contact person: Suaad Omar
Phone: 206-723-0314 Fax: 206-723-0143
Mailing Address: 7126 MLK South Suite#103 Seattle, WA 98118

St. Louis, MO
Agent/ Contact person: Saada Abdi
Phone: 314-762-9506 Fax: 314-762-9506
Mailing Address: 2724 Cherokee St ST.LOUIS, MO 63118

Salt Lake City, UT
Agent/ Contact person: Osman Mohamed
Phone: 801-908-5999 Fax: 801-908-5999
Mailing Address: 1151 S Redwood Rd Suite 102 Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Tukwila, WA
Agent/ Contact person: Abdirizak Osman
Phone: (206)246-5392 Fax: (206)246-5392
Mailing Address: 15006 Military Road Tukwila, WA 98188

Portland, ME
Agent/ Contact person: Ali Mohamoud
Mailing Address: 646 Congres ST Portland, ME 04101


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